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Enchanted LuxLight

Enchanted LuxLight

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Enter a realm of enchantment with our Enchanted LuxLight - where the exquisite artistry of paper carving meets the radiant illumination of a night light, crafting an ambiance that encapsulates magic and elegance.

🌟 Modern Elegance: Designed with a plastic lamp holder, the Enchanted LuxLight emanates modern and simple elegance, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into any room.

🌟 Choose Your Fantasy: Immerse yourself in a world of options with a selection of styles to match your mood and decor. Pick from Fantasy Dreamland (YD02), Romantic Beach (YD03), Summer Beach (YD04), Sea Love (YD05), or Winter Night (YD06), and let your imagination unfurl.

🌟 Versatile Voltage: Boasting a voltage of ≀36V, this night light is both energy-efficient and adaptable. You can power it using batteries or a USB connection, aligning it effortlessly with your preferences.

🌟 Lightweight Brilliance: Weighing a mere 0.19KG and measuring a compact 20cm4cm13cm, this night light is tailored for portability, ensuring it finds a perfect spot in any room.

🌟 A Touch of Magic: Whether it graces your bedside table, illuminates the nursery, or adorns any corner of your home, the Enchanted LuxLight will infuse your surroundings with a touch of enchantment. Its intricately carved paper design casts captivating shadows and bathes your space in soothing radiance.

Unleash your inner dreamer or enchant someone dear with the Enchanted LuxLight. Elevate your surroundings with an exquisite blend of artistry and luminance. Select your style and let the enchantment unfold. Acquire yours today and witness the wonder of dreams brought to life.

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